Lately (and a sale)

Hi! I’ve been a little quiet in here because I was busy making products to sell at the Feelgood Market in Eindhoven yesterday. I had a great time with my friend Evelien, who helped me set up my stand (it looked really nice!), watched it for me when I had to go pee (again) and just generally kept me company. Selling at a market for the first time was interesting: there were compliments, there were insults (I think people didn’t realize I was sitting RIGHT THERE), but not a lot sales, unfortunately. It was still a good experience and a nice enough way to spend a gloomy Sunday.

Windward Wearables at the Feelgood Market

Before the weekend Joop and I went to Lisbon for two days, which was really nice. It was good to just get away for a little while, since we’ve both been busy. More about that coming soon!

I’m also still struggling with pain in my wrists, which has been bothering me even more during the preparations for the market. Stamping is not a good activity for these wrists at the moment, so until there’s a solution to my problem, I will not be doing that any more. I’ve just been to the hospital again for more research as to where the pain is coming from, because that’s still unclear, and I’ve gotten two injections in my muscles to fight possible inflammation from possible overburdening and irritation. I’m in a lot more pain now than I was before the injection, but it should feel better within a week.

Which leads me to the sale! I’m all out of ocean blue and midnight blue fabric, leaving only the scarves of those colors that I have in stock, and since I will (temporarily?) stop making stamped products, I think it’s a great time for a clear out sale. Almost everything is 40% off and very limited (I’ve put accurate stock numbers in the listings). Most of the designs will not be returning to the shop once they sell out, so get them while you can!

Have a great week!



  1. says

    oh those injections!! I feel so bad for you. I had to get them in my wrists awhile back because I had an injury from a car wreck, and they hurt so bad. I’m cringing just thinking about it.

    I can’t wait to hear more about Lisbon!

    • Inge says

      Yeah, those injections were quite awful! I almost fainted after I got them because they made me feel all light in the head.

  2. Alison says

    The stand looks really beautiful! So sorry to hear about the pain in your wrists and the injections, I hope you feel better soon. Best wishes from Canada!

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