Waves + stripes giveaway!

Hello pals! Today I want to give away a nice little waves + stripes package that consists of the following:

The napkins came to be when, during production for the Feelgood Market, I managed to royally screw up one of the scarves by misprinting some of the waves. Try as I might, it could not be saved as a scarf, but I could cut around the misprint and be left with enough well-printed fabric to make these cute napkins. They’re 42cm / 16,5″ square and made from 100% hemp fabric in ocean blue (that’s almost sold out: just three scarves left!).

The pouch is handmade from 55% hemp/45% organic cotton canvas and hand-stamped with waves on one side and hand-painted with stripes on the other side. It’s lined with a beautiful 55% hemp/45% organic cotton denim and closes with a heavy duty metal YKK zipper. You can use it as a clutch, a make-up bag, an ipad sleeve or as a pouch to keep your essentials from floating around in your tote.

Waves + stripes giveaway!

Waves + stripes giveaway!

Waves + stripes giveaway!

Waves + stripes giveaway!

To enter this giveaway, there are two things I’d like from you: This giveaway is now closed.

  1. Leave a comment below this post telling me what kind of products and/or colors you’d like to see in my new collection for Windward Wearables.
  2. For an extra entry, take a photo of something wavy and/or stripey in your own home and post it to instagram or twitter with the hashtag #wavesandstripesgiveaway and @windwardmade.

This giveaway is open for everybody and of course includes shipping. Don’t forget to enter your email address when leaving your comment, so I can contact you if you’ve won. A winner will be picked at random on March 31.

Have a great weekend!



  1. says

    What a lovely giveaway! I’d love to see more designs with the little tree you use on this blog (and on your new wintery scarf). It would be nice to see more totebags and things like a laptop/iPad/e-reader sleeve. And how awesome would a duvet full of pebbles be? :-)
    Colorwise, I’d go for natural colors, no neon! So anything that can be found in nature, like green, blue, brown, even red in different shades.

  2. says

    I really like that your products have a natural look about them, so I think I prefer more neutral tones. (but then again I also have an aversion to committing to colors! haha)

    I also agree with the comment above, laptop/tablet covers are a great idea!

  3. Xuan says

    I’d love to see clothing such as dresses or rompers… that would be so cute in your fabric/patterns. Tote bags would be great as well! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  4. says

    what an awesome giveaway, thanks Inge! I hope I win : ). What I’d love to see (& goes w/ your aesthetic) & i think others could like is something w/ olive tones, either a fabric or print & of course little animals/animal faces are always darling, but that’s kind of straying from the nature aesthetic, although i could see you tone that down to “fit.”

  5. says

    Dear Inge this giveaway is super lovely and the pouche and napkins are so refined. I’m also creating my spring/summer/forever:) collection and yesterday I’ve bought a lot of new soya yarn and organic cotton yarn and happened that the colours chose me:) Very Indian colours! So full of yellow, red, crimson and green. To think that I was looking for pale and pastel colours:)
    What I can suggest you is to venture to colours you never thought!
    Have a lovely day!
    Here it’s raining and so windy:)

  6. Becca says

    I love corals and mustard. They seem to pair very well with blue and white. Also, love the new gold stamping; it is so lovely!

  7. Alison says

    What a gorgeous giveaway! In terms of products, I would love to see more small home goods, such as napkins and tea towels…I pictures these being lovely gifts. In terms of colors, I agree with the comment about colors found in nature as these can suit many people and seem to fit with your overall aesthetic. Good luck in moving forward!

  8. says

    Amazing giveaway, Inge! I love the neutral, natural colors you use, so you could maybe try something like brown, grey and olive. But natural hemp canvas color is still my favorite! As for the products, I agree with the previous commenters, laptop/ipad sleeves would be great as well as more wearable items like dresses and skirts.

  9. Monique says

    The ideas above are great! I would also like to see clothes and especcialy blazers (colbert), you can use them always! Skirts, t-shirts and dresses would also be nice, their should be more clothes in this world with fair trade and bio fabric. I also like the naturel colours, but I think that it also would be nice (for summer) with some coloured stamps on it (with the look of a potatoe stamp, like kids do). Red poppy’s, purple lavender, blue cornflowers, yellow sunflower’s, green herbs, so nature objects with colour, a little bit with a French look. I would buy it!

  10. Mary Beth says

    I love soft, natural colors, love wrap-style tops and dresses with asymmetric lines, organic cotton, linen and hemp. Soft, scrunchy scarves that dress up the top. I am a very monochromatic person and like to add a hint of color or interest with accessories.

  11. says

    Oh gosh, those are beautiful! I would love to see a dusty rose color, or deep sunset shades. I would wear scarves in those colors, definitely!

  12. says

    I actually really love these as napkins! It makes me think of this fabulous linen tea towel/dishtowel that I have. At first I balked at spending more than a few dollars on a dish towel, but now I LOVE it. I mourn when it’s in the laundry and I can’t use it! It is so nice to have something sturdy, that never leaves lint on things, that actually absorbs water and is kind to my hands. I don’t know if your line would lend itself to this sort of thing but I would love to see some tea towels that look like this hanging in my kitchen!

  13. Mirjam says

    I would really like to see more things (a scarve would be great! or a t-shirt?) with the mountain displayed on the left side of this blogpost. I really like the image of that mountain :)
    Also, I like pastel colors, but I think neutral colors will work best with your designs.

    Good luck making your decisions, very curious to see what you’ll come up with!

  14. says

    i would love to see storage container with your beautiful designs … but if you’re talking about something to ‘wear’, hm … perhaps, a bag for books to protect them while traveling?

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